Image despixelator

By Marc Palau (

Despixelator have lots of options that you can configure to get different results. For that, you only need to change the options of this page.

Select an image in JPG format from your computer
Check to have background color
If you want to download the SWF file, you need to check this option: (Once the server get the file, a prompt download appears)
Select the order of the pattern:

Select the X distance between the patterns. Pixels

Select the Y distance between the patterns. Pixels

Select the alpha of the patterns. (0 Transparent, 255 full opacity)
Check this box to get the original colors or then use the same color for each pattern. (Check for real color)
Select the option that will make the patterns have all the same size or have diferents sizes by brightness. (darkness pixels = bigger patterns).
Select the diameter of the patterns. Pixels
Pattern options:
Selecciona la forma que quieres usar:

Marca para ordenar las formas: